Recent Before & After Photos

Garage Water Leak

This homeowner had a water leak in the ceiling of their garage which required the removed affected drywall and dried out the area. SERVPRO of Sebastian is a 24/... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Caused Water Damage

This water damage was caused by a broken pipe in the master bedroom of this Palm Bay home. Take a close look at the wood flooring in the before picture. Because... READ MORE

Musty Smell

This home had mold growing behind their cabinets. You can see the outline in the photographs. An exterior wall had a small crack that allowed water to seep insi... READ MORE

Rook Leak Turns into Mold

This Sebastian family's home experienced a some roof damage during a summer thunderstorm. Since the roof leak was minuscule, the ceiling in the living room did ... READ MORE

Hiring a Professional

Prevent Mold Spores From Spreading A water damage professional is skilled and trained to properly clean areas where water has leaked in between walls, under flo... READ MORE

The Necessary Equipment

In the event of a large disaster, it may be determined that large amounts of equipment is required to perform the job efficiently. A restoration team such as SE... READ MORE

Kitchen Leak

This homeowner came home to his entire kitchen floors wet. This water damage was a direct result of an leaking pipe under the sink, which the homeowner thought ... READ MORE

Mold Removal

Seeing black mold can be a stressful situation for a homeowner in Brevard. Don't touch or attempt to clean it yourself when you see this much mold. It's better ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Palm Bay

This Palm Bay resident experienced damage caused by a storm. The resident thought he could handle the cleanup himself, and then the ceiling fell. The ceiling ab... READ MORE

Unexpected Damages

This home had a fire in the attic that had to put out with a large amount of water. The fire may have caused plenty of damage on the second floor, but the nece... READ MORE