Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Musty Smell

This home had mold growing behind their cabinets. You can see the outline in the photographs. An exterior wall had a small crack that allowed water to seep insi... READ MORE

Rook Leak Turns into Mold

This Sebastian family's home experienced a some roof damage during a summer thunderstorm. Since the roof leak was minuscule, the ceiling in the living room did ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Palm Bay

This Palm Bay resident experienced damage caused by a storm. The resident thought he could handle the cleanup himself, and then the ceiling fell. The ceiling ab... READ MORE

Mitigation After a Storm

Storm damage at this Sebastian property resulted when the roof was damaged during a powerful thunderstorm. The roof received significant damage allowing a treme... READ MORE

Storm and Ceilings

This Seabstian home experienced some storm damage to its roof that resulted in the ceiling collapsing. Along with the ceiling, all the insulation on top fell th... READ MORE

Hidden Water

If you find a leak in your roof and it leaks into your home it can hide even in the most common places. This beam was holding water damage and mold for a few we... READ MORE