Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold on blanket


There is always some mold around. Molds have been on the Earth for millions of years. Mold can get in your home through open doors, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the air outside can be brought indoors on clothing, shoes, bags, and even pets.

Mold will grow where there is moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been a flood. Mold grows on paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood. Mold can also grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery.

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Water heater in closets

Water Heater Closests

Mold can grow easily in areas where moisture can be. A great example of this is when water heater leaked while homeowners were away for the summer and caused mold to grow. They came home to mold in the whole apartment. SERVPRO of Sebastian can assist you to remove the mold before you return to your home.

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